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What is Oratio?

Welcome! Oratio is a place for digital humanists to learn the technical topics no-one ever teaches. You can find explanations of concepts from programming and technical tools, which don’t assume you have or want a degree in computer science.

We understand that there’s loads of concepts, techniques and tools that exist and could be helpful for your research, but it’s hard to assess whether something will be useful if you have to first understand all of programming and how the internet works. We’ll introduce some concepts, directly addressing where they may appear in your work and why you might need to know about them, so you can focus your learning on just what you need to know right now.

About us

Oratio is brought to you by Dan and Caro from Codex Felis. We do our best to be technically correct and also useful, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if we’ve made a mistake. Or, if you’re already comfortable with GitHub, raise an issue (tutorial on that coming soon!).